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Falls creek is a positively delightful resort town. Picturesque, fun and lively it is unsurprisingly much like the rest of Australia with the thermometer turned down. Sure, the snow conditions can be as unreliable as any other Australian resort, but the terrain is varied and expansive by domestic standards with 450 hectares. Its a little further afield than Melbourne's closest resort but the drive is justified by the usual absence of lift lines. The village is car free, and it is a merciful relief to aching muscles after a day on the slopes to have all amenities within proximate walking distance.

The nightlife is some of the best of any resort in the country. The equally improbably named combination of The Frying Pan and The Man play host to adrenaline-fulled revelry on most nights of the season, with carousing continuing into the small hours. To find out exactly where to go, follow our independent guide to the best restaurants, nightlife and accommodation venues on the pages herein.

Image: Falls Creek Resort Image - Charlie Brown.

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The Man

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