The Pacific isn't a region of the globe readily associated with skiing and snowboarding. Evocative travel brochures to the region are usually prefaced with images of palm trees and desert islands, leaving little room for the contemplation of winter. But the Southern Hemisphere is the brash younger brother in the Skiing worlds pecking order. Although the mountains and infrastructure are markedly smaller than our European or North American brethren, both Australia and New Zealand punch well above their weight in the numbers they are able to attract to their resorts.

New Zealand is unequivocally an outstanding skiing destination. With top class terrain, one of the worlds most enjoyable towns in Queenstown, outstanding and financially accessible heli-skiing, it is well worth a visit. Australia is also thoroughly enjoyable, although it is conceded that the experience is different, and by some metrics, inferior to resorts in more established skiing countries. But being able to get out on the hill is often a matter of proximity, and if you're lucky enough to live in the so called lucky country, then chances are this is where you'll most likely find yourself making your turns. So if you want to know how to get the very best out of these destinations, step into these pages.

Image: Falls Creek Media - Charlie Brown