The license plates on every car in Utah put a lot of pressure on Mother Nature. It seems a little presumptuous for everyone to drive around with the saying 'the greatest snow on earth' plastered on the bumper. But as it turns out its a pretty fair summation of Mother Nature's treatment of Utah. The domicile of Winter Sports in America, and the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, a trip to Utah is an outright pilgrimage for serious skiers seeking the light, dry and abundant snow that has made Utah so famous. But this snow needs to fall on suitable terrain. Cue Alta/Snowbird. The steeps, spines and chutes of these two large, interconnected mountains are the perfect milk to the snow's cookies. Yum, yum, yum.

Utah's resorts can be effectively categorised as either Salt Lake or Park City resorts. The Salt Lake resorts of Alta, Snowbird and Brighton deliberately eschew the trappings of larger resorts, and prefer to attract people there for the skiing rather than the scene that surrounds it. The relatively economical lift ticket prices, and the proximity to numerous low cost accommodation options in Salt Lake make these resorts ideal for serious snow riders and budget conscious travellers.

Conversely, Park City is a luxurious and chic town with world class shopping, fine dining and great nightlife. The three resorts that straddle the town, Park City resorts, The Canyons and particularly Deer Valley have become synonymous with luxury and high-end ski vacations. 

Photo: Utah - Home of Bikes and Snow. @ Likeablerodent