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The Snow Review is a collaborative guide to interesting destinations, venues and people in skiing and snowboarding. We are a team of writers, photographers, thinkers, doers and snow enthusiasts sharing better advice online for better times offline.

Collectively, we have lived in, visited and attended a healthy portion of the globes premier resorts, both popular and unknown. On these pages, you can find and share advice on interesting destinations, read profiles of people and places that enrich the culture of skiing and snowboarding as well as receive exclusive member rewards. We have tried to create something clean and timeless, elegant and engaging with visually appealing photography and prose without pretence.  

This is not a conventional travel guide written by fossil journalists with years of experience. We haven't traversed the globe in jogger jeans and tight pants on a budget of thrippence haypenny. We’re simply consumers and attendees, with priorities just like you. We love skiing and boarding, design and fashion, enjoy good food and fun nights. If this sounds like you, register here and join the conversation.



Julie Blakley                                                                       

Julie Blakley is an adventure seeking digital marketer. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, she is always on the quest for a bigger line, deeper snow and the next big adventure. She spends her time in the mountains, riding her bike or indulging in the Pacific Northwest's best eats and drinks.

You can follow her ski, bike, drinking and culinary adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Google+, or on her blog


Maila Bourisk                                              

Maila's is a connoisseur of imagination. Her free time is spent running, hiking, practicing bikram yoga, and weather permitting, skiing. Her devotion to the snow and competitive edge stem from being born and raised in Maine. She now calls California home and spends her days exploring America's arguably best coast.